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Here are just some of the key benefits of leading
ORDERMAN Solutions:

  • Faster service, more satisfied customers, higher turnover
    As soon as it is entered, the order is transmitted to where it needs to be: the kitchen or bar. The service personnel remain where they belong: with the guests. That means more time dedicated to service and more turnover.

  • Service personnel no longer chained to the till
    All POS functions can be performed using the ORDERMAN unit: there's no need to enter details of an order into a cash till. That means more time is invested in serving guests.  

  • Bill printing at the table
    Serving staff no longer need to leave the table to get the bill: the new ORDERMAN belt printer enables bills to be printed out at the table. This means considerable time savings for waiting staff.

  • No more confirmation/cancellation errors
    All orders (and order cancellations) are processed on the ORDERMAN display screen in the presence of the guest. Breakdowns in communication become a thing of the past, which reduces the pressure on serving staff. Customer satisfaction also increases as guests always receive exactly what they order.

  • Less walking; staff deployed to best effect
    Cutting down time spent walking by up to 40% means that waiting staff can concentrate on sales and serve an average of 25% more guests.

  • Efficient flow of communication between serving staff and kitchen
    The continual flow of incoming orders gives kitchen staff an advantage over conventional methods of around 6-10 minutes.

  • Complete monitoring system for order transactions in conjunction with leading software solutions
    All order transactions - orders, cancellations and amended orders - are recorded separately in the 'Journal' along with the relevant timings. Never again can order transaction details be lost.

  • Range of bill types/splitting possible
    Guests can specify the type of bill they need; bills can be split as often as required.

The Orderman Don

wireless waitress

Easy to use
The operating surface of the ORDERMAN Don can be precisely adapted to the needs of specific, hospitality operations. It represents a perfect mirror of menus and drink lists. Entry using the ORDERMAN Don touch pen corresponds largely with the classic ordering process. Moreover, within many cash point systems, the integrated fax function allows the input of special wishes and their communication to the bar or kitchen.

ORDERMAN has carried out comprehensive ergonomic studies with a view to analysing the ordering process. These revealed that most restaurant businesses generate 80% of their sales from just 20% of the items they offer. In order to facilitate the most efficient, ergonomic and accurate entry of these fast-moving items, ORDERMAN – uniquely amongst suppliers of handheld units – developed the ORDERMAN Menucard. This facility is integrated into the ORDERMAN Max and Don units:

  • Easier operation for the user
  • Better service for the customer

The result:
The ORDERMAN Don can be individually adapted to every type of hospitality operation and offers menus with up to 60 different groups of items and quick order fields, which can be designed by ourselves or restaurateurs themselves. The menu cards can be quickly exchanged by the Don menu lock and are therefore always up to date.

Download Orderman Don Brochure

Download Orderman Max Brochure