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salop cash registers


Software Solutions



icr touch


Touch screen software

ICR Touch has been designed primarily with bars and restaurants in mind, features like the graphical table plan option showing the status of the tables - e.g. green is free and blue has had a bill issued. The number of covers also is shown on the table.  Split checks and bills are taken care of by simply highlighting the items to be separated and touching the arrow keys.  An advanced price level scheduler allows very powerful promotions and happy hour features.Brochure


icr tms stock control


Stock Control software

TMS Provides stock control with recommended re-orders, delivery tracking and stock taking with variance reporting
TMS also controls maintenance of product files including prices and promotions.
TMS automatically collects detailed sales information from your point of sale terminals directly to your back office PC via cable or remotely via a broadband link.Brochure

samstock stock control


Stock Control Software

Samstock software is a Back Office Stock Control and Management Information System. Samstock is suitable for a single store or multiple branches providing comprehensive reporting for both one location or consolidated branches. Samstock is suitable for both retail and hospitality.Samstock tracks sales quantities and values for each product sold providing comprehensive and comparative reports. Samstock Stock Control Software 4.0 Samstock provides stock control with recommended re-orders, delivery tracking and stock taking with variance reporting. Samstock can also control maintenance of product files including prices and promotions. * Samstock communicates with various cash registers

* Samstock automatically collects detailed sales information from the Point of Sale either directly to your back office PC via cable or via modem. Brochure

casio stock control

Casio Hospitality

Stock control software

Flexible solutions for all your hospitality needs
Intuitive menu prompts for product creation
Comprehensive keyboard control
Recipe control for specifying ingredients
User-friendly order process
Comprehensive stock-taking routine
Product downloads and sales collections
direct or via modem
Comprehensive sales, profit and stock reports
Detailed cashier control and maintenance
Single and multi-store solutions available

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Property Management software


CaterBook is a total package featuring an in-house booking system for the hotel along with optional, state of the art online booking facilities at no extra cost.

CaterBook is proven with over 6 years of experience, hundreds of clients and innovative features such as text confirmations, automated online data backup systems and epos connectivity.

One thing that hasn't changed is the remarkable simplicity of the system. Bookings and reservations are done in seconds and retrieving booking information is very quick & easy.